Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Project

  What I learned doing this project, Which I am thrilled  to have checked it off the list, is that I am not a carpenter. I guess I  am going to have to  learn as I go.

  Framing the mirror in my sons bathroom was a lot harder than it looks. It was not really what I wanted. I wanted it to look more like a frame. It did not work out that way.  I had to put the corner things in instead. Well I guess I was resourceful, I did do this project all by my self and I am proud of myself that I got it done. I painted the frame once it was up. I have many other things to do in there. 

 Sorry pictures aren't that good. I am hoping for a new camera for mothers day!


  1. I think it looks cute! (Even with the "corner things!")

    1. Thanks Brooke! You are such a sweetie. "Corner things" What are they?