Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh Christmas

Yes, I am thinking about getting the decorations down from the garage and getting started.
OH but it seems like a daunting task. Don't get me wrong I love to decorate. It just seem like now at my work I am doing this all day long. The house really needs a deep cleaning and doing both seems overwhelming. Does any one else feel like that they want to really clean and organize everything before you add more stuff. I decided to go through my pictures and see what I have done in the past years. So look out lots of pictures of old Christmas's. I want to get ideas and think about what to do. something different hopefully it will save me time.

                                                 A long time ago look at my curtains! Ha

                                               my cute boys and my ugly blue couch's


 Curtains I had these for a few years.

                                                             A tiny peak at the light curtains

White curtains which hopefully will stay a while. So I know a overload but it has given me some ideas

of what I want to do this year.

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