Sunday, August 11, 2013


Look out lots of pictures. My mom and her husband took my family on a trip to Alaska. We took a cruise which started in Seattle to Ketchikan to Juneau to Skagway to Victoria British Columbia. It was amazing. We are so grateful.

This was our view
 Just kidding but this was our train ride view on the White Pass in Skagway.

My handsome husband and my teenage son looking oh so happy!
This was our view from our Balcony.

My Mom and her Husband.
We saw a wild bear in Ketchikan 

Feeding some reindeer. They have fine hair on there antlers. So cool

Watching the Salmon run.

 A cool owl he had been injured so he is captivity but well taken care of.

Sawyer Glacier

Yes! It was cold and wet but very beautiful.

We all went Whale watching. We saw Killer Whales and Hump Back whales.

Yes, that is my oldest son in the Tank top???? We did find gold Ha
This was were we slept I forgot to take pictures of the other parts of our room and of our ship. Hopefully I can get some pictures from my mom. We had a wonderful time and are so thankful to my family for such a lovely vacations. Now back home reality has hit of back to school for my boys, house cleaning and cooking and dishes. 


  1. What an amazing vacation! So glad you got to experience it!!

    1. Yes I am too. Thanks for reading my blog. You are the best.