Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Tropics to my Home

White orchid are so pretty and tropical. I added some to a container I found at Home Goods.  I put rocks and some green moss. I think it brought some tropics to my home.

I put some paper between the orchids to hold them in place and added the rocks too.



  1. I love that! Looks like something I would have in my house. Good job!

  2. Yes, it does because I copied you. Now please:) send me a picture I am sure yours are nicer but I want to see if I got it semi right. I do not know if you made your orchid containers or bought. Now if you put all your beautiful decorating skills up for the world to see on your blog. We could all steal from you. ha

  3. Beautiful! I love the whole area you put it in... lovely :)