Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

  It is 2014! So exciting. So many plans. So much to do. To bad I have a cold and need to rest. So for now the Christmas put away will have to wait. This is so hard for me. I like everything put away organized neat and tidy. Not gonna happen yet.

I would like to start my new year off with a Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers out there. There are so many wonderful woman and men out there that inspire us. The time and effort they put into our world is amazing.Why!? Some make money some just do it (I love both). To share there creativity and  life's means so much. I am in awe of them. I could never say "Thank you" enough for what they have given. I hope I can give back some too.

This year I would like to cross off many of my projects that I have been procrastinating. I would like to
start dreaming more! Than try and make them happen. To stop excepting  the "oh well this is how it is". I want to start seeing the stars! Ok blame it on the cold and cough medicine. but something along this.          

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